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Dedicated to Taking Care Of Your Dog While You’re Away

At Dude’s Dog House and Spa, we are committed to helping you with all your pet care needs. No matter what service you require, you can rely on our team to take great care of your furry friend.


Our Services

Meet and Greet – $20

All new clients are required to set up a meet-and-greet session with our team, before booking daycare and boarding services. This service will ensure that your pup will be a good fit and comfortable at Dude's.

Day Care Services

You can rely on us to watch over your pup whenever you are busy with work or out for the day.

Full-Day Care

Each pass expires every six months and is available for weekdays and weekends. We charge an additional $20 for holidays.

  • Full Day – $38
  • Five Full-Day Pass – $180 ($36 x 5 Days)
  • 10 Full-Day Pass – $340 ($34 x 10 Days)
  • 20 Full-Day Pass – $640 ($32 x 20 Days)
  • 30 Full-Day Pass – $900 ($30 x 30 Days)
  • Unlimited Pass* – $575 ($27 x 21 Days ) *Expires after 31 Days
  • No Show Fee – $20 (12 Hour Cancellation Policy)

Half-Day Care – $25

Half-day services are available for weekdays and weekends. The rate covers six hours for weekdays and four hours for weekends. The clock starts when you drop off your pet. If you exceed the half day timeframe, the stay is converted to a full day rate.

10 Days — $230 ($23 x 10)

Unlimited One Month – $575 ($27 x 21 Days a Month)

Our unlimited pass allows you to take advantage of our day care services every Monday to Friday. This package is good for one calendar month.

Boarding Services

Whether you are going on an overnight trip or a weeklong vacation, you can entrust your dog’s care to us. We can take care of your animal companion on weekends and weekdays with a $20 surcharge for holidays. Our boarding packages expire every six months. Boarding rates are for 24 hour stays and there is a two hour grace period for pick up to avoid additional daycare charges. A 1/2 daycare day rate of $25 will apply up to 6 hours for weekdays and up to 4 hours on weekends. A full day daycare rate of $38 will apply for more than 6 hours on weekdays and over 4 hours on the weekends.

  • One Night – $75
  • 5-Night Package – $362.50 ($72.50 x 5 Nights)
  • 10-Night Package – $700 ($70 x 10 Nights)
  • 20-Night Package – $1,300 ($65 x 20 Nights)
  • Suite*– $100 (includes 2 walks) *can do daycare during the day
  • No Show Boarding Fee – $50 (12 Hour Cancellation Policy)
  • 10-Night Promo-Available until 8/31/23 – $600 ($60 x 10 Nights)
  • Meet & Greet – $20
  • Dudes Food – $2 (per meal)
  • Grooming No Show Fee – $40 (12 Hour Cancellation Policy)

In-Home Pet Sitting (Overnight) – $125

If you prefer to keep your pet at home, we can visit your property and take care of them there. This service covers approximately 8 to 10 hours per night with 2 to 15-minute visits.

Pet Taxi - $15 (Each Way)

We have pickup and drop-off services for your pup if you need assistance with transportation.

Holiday Surcharge - $20

Additional charges apply to all services on federal holidays

Special Services

  • Administering Medication – $2 (Charge per Occurrence)
  • Meals – $2 (Charge per Meal if Food Is Not Provided)
  • Walks – $10 (Charge for 15-Minute Walks)


Dudes Orginal | Spa Bath

bath, conditioner, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, and paw paraffin treatment. 

S |$45  M |$55  L |$65  XL |$75

Dogzilla | Deshed

Includes deshedding shampoo bath, conditioner, brush out, blow out, nail trim, and ear cleaning

S |$65  M |$85  L |$100  XL |$120

Mary Puppins | Hypo-Allerginic Bath

Oatmeal Shampoo, comb out, gentle air drying, and nail trim 

S |$50  M |$60  L |$70  XL |$80

Lick-ety Split | Shampoo & Blow Dry

Add on available only for daycare & boarding 


Pampered Pooch | Fur Maintenance

Dry shampoo, brush out, & leave in conditioner. Add on available only for daycare & boarding.


Fresh Prints | Nail Trim


Jimmy Chews | Nail Trim, Filing & Paw Pad Trim


Lick Jagger | Ear Cleaning


Vera Fang | Teeth Brushing



Bath & Trim

Trim (Face & Sanitary), shampoo, conditioner, anal glands (upon request), brush out, blow out, nails, & ears.

Pricing Starting at*

S | $55

M | $65

L | $75

XL | $85

Full Groom

Haircut (Full Body), shampoo, conditioner, anal glands (upon request), brush out, blow out, nails, & ears.

Pricing Starting at*

S | $80

M | $90

L | $110

XL | $130

*final price is based on size, hair length and fur condition 

Grooming Cancelation Policy:

Failure to notify staff 12 hours before appointment will result in a $40 no show fee

Connect With Our Team

To learn more about our services, reach out to us today. We will be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns.